We are a Hinwil (Zurich) based company that sources our handicraft products from local artisans in Laos and surrounding countries. We buy direct from the local artist and supply to your door via mail. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to purchase hand made goods and at a reasonable price by reducing the number of people and companies involved in the supply chain.

The majority of our products namely silk scarves and materials are imported from Laos. Other products are from Thailand and the surrounding countries. The Lao goods are made by local women usually in their own home and communities. The goods are not produced in large scale factories using “cheap labour“ or children in sweat shops. The continued demand for these home made goods will help maintain local skills that have been developed by families over successive generations and provides the workers with valuable income in these poorer regions of the country. These local artists usually have limited opportunities to promote and supply their goods to overseas markets and customers.

As development and modernisation spreads in Laos and south east Asia there is increasing pressure from industrialisation to setup factories to mass produce similar goods to replace local handicraft skills. By enabling these local women to make an income from their skills means those skills will not be lost for the next generation to continue.

Laos is a small land locked country in south east asia with a population of approximately 6.5 million people. It is a developing country still recovering from years of war and fighting from the Viet Nam war era. It’s people are very friendly and love life, are mainly buddhist, but do not enjoy a high western style living standard as the economy is still in its infancy. Their income is limited as they do not have an established industrial base for exporting goods or services. They are currently developing mines and a large scale hydro-electric industry that will provide a valuable source of foreign income in the near future.

Hand weaving in Laos
Weaving has always been a family pastime in Lao villages. Lao women use traditional Lao weaving methods and skills passed on to them by their mothers and grandmothers. Lao women have a history and tradition of weaving clothes and home furnishings for their families as they do not have the financial resources to purchase such goods. Lao handicraft work such as weaving has always been part of their traditional life using local silk products and family owned handlooms.

Product quality
All goods are made by hand using traditional methods, and the natural colors are used to dye the materials. As such the finished product is unique but will also contain some imperfections e.g. slightly differences in length and width, and some of the silk products may loose their colors during the first wash. These are naturally unavoidable when being made by hand on manual machines. Automated machines may produce a flawless final product but they don’t possess the individuality or the personal touch of a hand made product. By purchasing our hand made products you will be able to attain some of the individuality and personal care the artist has put in to the making of these products.

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